Welcome on the homepage of FREEGOV project.

The cél of FREEGOV project is to create GPL-ed applications for government use.


GDBC (General Database Connectivity)

This is the most important subproject,that will make us possible to develop government applications as cheap as possible.

We want to create a Database Layer which is works under Delphi, BCB, and Kylix Standard/Personal/Open editions.

The pre-alpha of this Software can connect to PostgreSQL using it's C library (libpq). And can connect to any Database that can be handled from ADO (under MS Windows) to make possible converting any Windows specific Database into free DBMS. Visual Components (Database Controls) not yet ready, because this subproject has been restarted a number of times, because i'am not a C++ guru (never learnt C++, because „JAVA” is the language of today).

Plans to add native MySQL connection later.


The pre-alpha version of the component only tested with BCB5 Standard Edition.